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Sports hypnosis has been around for many, many years, even as long ago as the 1950's, Soviet Olympic teams were employing the services of hypnotists to greatly enhance their athletes performances, and in the modern day, sports hypnosis is a rapidly expanding area of interest the world over.

Without any doubt, it is the mind that holds the determining factors over just about all of our performances and behavior, and so it is in mastering the mind, that the sports-person has the greatest chance of performing at their personal best. 


We have all heard statements like....."His mind's just not on the game today"....Or perhaps, we might have known someone who excels at their sport when training, yet crumples under the pressure of competition. Just like those people who drive perfectly with their tutor, yet get so nervous with the test examiner, that they fail miserably.

So hypnosis can play a major role in helping the sports-person prepare themselves mentally, and that preparation will typically include a whole package of approaches, naturally tailored to the sports-persons requirements, and will nearly always include methods designed to: 


Overcome self-doubt, mental rehearsal, positive visualization, encourage rapid healing from any injury, increase confidence, increase motivation, perspective changes, develop single mindedness, increased concentration and focus, eliminate negativity, promote positive expectation, reduce performance anxiety, increase self belief, etc.etc!

Here are two examples of how hypnosis has successfully been used to enhance sports performance.... A basketball coach who called upon a hypnotist to see if his teams skill could be enhanced in any way. The hypnotist sat half of the team down, relaxed them, and instructed them to visualize throwing shot after successful shot, at the basket. Meanwhile....the other half of the team, were practicing throwing their basket shots for real. 

The coach noticed that the players who were simply visualizing throwing successful baskets, were displaying tiny micro-muscular movements in their arm and leg muscles, even though they were apparently relaxing. These tiny muscular movements were taking place because the players were actually establishing new neural pathways in their brains, encoding the mental/physical information needed to produce successful basket shots, directly into their muscles!

After they had experienced this process several times over several days, the team had improved their actual basket shots by nearly 50%, while the players who'd simply practiced shots at the basket, had barely improved.

Hypnosis is not a magic bullet, it will not, and can not, turn a talent-less athlete into a superstar......hypnosis will however, amplify the athlete's inherent talent and abilities, providing a means whereby the athlete can access as much of their own talent as can be possible. 

Finally, all sports, even not-so-physical pursuits like darts, pool, golf, tennis, running baseball, bowling, and many other sports will require mental factors of strategy and concentration, which naturally involve the mind, and as hypnosis is a mind oriented approach, it can quite literally assist anyone, and everyone, to get the best out of themselves and their individual activities!

So what are you waiting for? 
Don't let the competition beat you to it ! 

We protect  an athlete's mind from:

Negative Imprints in Sports


Positive shielding is a special part of my hypnotic session. As well as allowing you to relax really deeply it will enable you to construct a highly effective protective 'force field' around yourself. You can invisibly deploy your positive shield any time you feel the forces of negativity threatening or draining you anywhere or any place, especially in sports where there is so much negative energy. This is a psychological barrier to prevent negative thinking and to reject negative words and suggestions from entering your subconscious mind, especially from “over reacting” or “bulling” coaches, as well as team mates and even parents.

Your positive shield will empower you to access your own positive resources and ensure you can always see a better visual picture of yourself especially when others try to bombard you with negative messages or try to psych you out during competition.

This protective shield is very effective especially in sports and can block out anything you want so that it does not enter your subconscious mind and prevent you from attaining your goals. This shield not only works in sports but is active in your personal life as well protecting you from many forms of negativity. Post hypnotic suggestions are mostly permanent in the mind, all you have to do to keep them alive is a simple technique and then it can follow you through your entire life.

All of my athletes get this protection and learn how to access it in a split second when needed. You may hear the negative words and phrases but they will not enter your subconscious mind unless you filter out what you don't want to hear, some negative remarks are actually positive suggestions, you let in what you want to let in.

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