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                   1ST SESSION $250

                   2nd session  $225

                   3rd session & on  $200

Skype sessions $130 - 45 min.

Phone sessions $85 - 20 min. (competition only)

Group sessions email for price

**Due to President Biden's gas increase, there is a $.52 mileage fee to your location.**





There is so much to do in these sessions that there is a need for a 3 session minimum. If you play year-round then it is suggested that you do at least two sessions a month minimum for best results based on what you want to achieve.

















NJ - Pa. State Wrestling

US Sports Hypnosis center has more State, Regional and District champions then any other sports hypnotist in the country both high school, college and youth wrestlers.

9/26/18 High school wrestler

I have seen the biggest difference after the last appointment as Nick looked like another kid wrestling, he was much faster, more aggressive and much quick reaction time was much faster as l.  wel

9/26/18 HS Wrestler


I have seen the biggest difference after the last appointment as Chris looked like another kid wrestling, he was much faster, more aggressive and much quick reaction time was much faster as well. 


Hi Jack Happy New Year!!  Just wanted to update u on the tournament. CW took 3rd place n couldn't be more excited !!! I def notice a change in him w just the 1 session!!! Unfortunately, I still had to remind him abt listening to the audio u sent him.  I def want to set up another session w you. He has a match this Thurs n Quad on Sat.

Thank u


7/6/18 Greetings Jack...Sorry, I have not gotten back sooner but xxxx has been blowing his opponents away with his aggressiveness and confidence. We did Wildwood, Beast, and Virginia and he did everything he learned from you.  We also did Penn State and even the coaches were amazed. There is no doubt he will have offers. Please keep his name confidential.


2 014- XXXX finally did it!!!  XXXXfinished 5th in the Div 1A event and got the "A" rating and qualified for the Div 1 championships.  The coach could not believe the way XXX attacked on the strip. The subliminal messages worked like a fine tuned piano, we can't wait to meet XXXXX on thestrip and destroy them.  XXXX fenced one of the Olympic Bronze medalists and actually scored some good points during the demonstration. Looking forward towards our next session.
2014- My son is doing fantastic and we had a great time in Dallas, he literally destroyed his competition and got that rating he was after. So far, six colleges are looking at him for their fencing team. I think I'm more excited then he was!  CH

2014-My daughters coach has said he has not seen improvement so fast in any of his students as he has seen in  XXXX. The confidence and focus along with her "no fear" attitude is unbelievable. She is defeating everyone she encounters on the strip and she says "all I see is red, and all I want is to destroy them."  I cannot say enough thanks, and onto the NAC, I never thought she would advance so quickly.  A.C.


2014-XXXXX  has qualified in all events for the Junior Olympics. XXXXX also did phenomenally at the Dallas North American Cup (NAC) and has qualified for the Div1 Championships in April, XXXXX actually finished ahead of two recent Olympians. 


2014-This past Sunday XXXX competed in a XXXXXX event where he medaled at First place!!!  Now we are off to XXXX where he is confident that he will only increase her ranking. he is looking forward to meeting his competition (past opponent) again and this time he states that he is going to out and out destroy him on the strip, everyone will be talking about this match when it is over. I have never seen his confidence and focus so high, thanks again...... XXXX



2012, 2014

NJ State Champion

Anthony Cefelo


Mar. 9, 2014

Hanover Park's Anthony Cefolo has thrown opponents to their backs, but never did a big move taste as sweet as it did Sunday afternoon.

The 120-pounder threw St. Peter's Prep's Mike Russo to his back for a four-point move and went on to score a 5-1 victory to win the state championship at Boardwalk Hall.

"That was the game changer,'' coach James LaValle said. "It helped Anthony get the lead and he was then able to build off of that. Once he got that, we knew it would be hard for Russo to score points.'' ...



1/30/14  Our team qualified for the State Tournament. It’s been a very busy season. Hopefully we will soon get enough of break to make another appointment. (Hamburg Pa.)

1/21/14 Dear, Mr. Nicholais, We have already seen a difference in XXXX wrestling since he has been seen by you. He says he does not even think of his injury and really can't wait to see XXXX at the next match because all he wants to do is "attack and destroy" him. He says all he thinks about is punishing him on the mat, don't know if that's good or bad but it is a change we thought we would never have seen. We'll see you again soon, XXXX


1/2/14 Pennsylvania: Update on XXX: He had an awesome match last night. He won 7-3. It was a huge match for him because the kid he had to wrestle just beat 2 kids that are ranked in the state over the weekend. Therefore,  beating him should get XXXX back in the state rankings after his thumb injury. He was interviewed by the newspaper and when they asked him about his injury recovery he mentioned that he was seeing you to help with the mental part. I am waiting for the article to come out and I’ll forward it to you. Thank you so very much for all that you did for my wrestlers.


12/13 XXXX got 4th place at The XXXXX Valley Holiday Classic Tournament this past weekend and only lost by a couple points to 2 kids that are ranked in the top 10 in the state in triple A. XXXX is in double A so that is very good. Also he is now ranked #1 in the county!! Thank you!!


I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
Details of the Recommendation: "Jack provided three sessions for my son during the 2010 - 2011 wrestling season. Shortly after the third session my son placed 2nd in the year end state competition. Prior to this competition my son was not performing to his maximum potential, loosing to wrestlers that he had beaten before. Jack's sessions helped my son reach his maximum potential and gave him the confidence, speed, and energy level he needed to give him a successful end to his season. I would strongly recommend Jack to any wrestler who needs that confidence boost to help them reach their maximum potential."


Hey jack. Everything has been going great I have been able to focus perfect every time and my mind never wonders away when I’m getting ready. Every night I have been listening to the cd and before my matches on the bus ride there I have been listening to them. That win I had at Voorhees was great I was supposed to lose but I surprised everyone. I also went to a tournament yesterday and took 3ed but I was gypped on a call I went into double over time with the kid that one the whole thing last year and beat me by a point that he didn’t have. Every kid I wrestled there I pinned besides that one. I also feel when I wrestle I have so much energy I don’t get tired. I don’t feel anything. I have to talk to my coach still about the team I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him yet but I will. And I didn’t use the wristbands yet I just made my coach and almost half of the parents wear red haha . Oh and isn’t this funny all the matches I won on in the tournament were RED. well keep reading in the papers because I’m sure you will see my name in there. Thanks jack





Could this Pro Boxer be a client? He's wearing that signature "rip off wristband"?


Just wanted to let you know that I’ve played 3 matches since our session on Friday.  Not only did I win all of them, while I was on court, I just couldn’t think negatively if I tried.  I noticed that and actually tried to think of something negative and my mind was just blank.  I played one match and I was down 4-1.  Normally, that is where I would be freaking out and usually let the match run away from me.  This time,  I kept my cool, kept doing what I needed to do, and won the set 6-4, then won the match!I’ve been trying to do the self hypnosis but not sure what to do once I visualize walking out the door, into space, and finally into my nice hammock.  Maybe we can discuss further at next session.

Regards,   (Past National champion)



Power lifter Mike Miller and Sports Hypnotiost Jack Nicholais. Mike broke a world record in a 1200lb squat after one session.



7/30/18 (Softball) Customer Service, Wait Time, Environment, Quality

Amazing experience! I’m looking forward to the impact this will bring my daughter in the years to come! It is also great that I don’t have to drag my daughter to go. She actually looks forward to it especially after seeing the difference it has made this far. Thank you!!! Until next time... 


After just 3 sessions

Jack's stuff works. I've been hitting PRs galore in workouts. I have immediate focus and little to no fear of a weight. Lots of guys say they're not afraid, but if you are hesitant, you are afraid. I missed very few attempts in the last two months. Had 3 pr days in the squat and deadlift, along with a new shirt PR. It's going to climb higher as I get used to the shirt. On last sunday I hit a 50 lb safety squat bar PR pin pull( weaker than the floor) is a new pr of 520 with an almost 530. when i was hitting just under 500 at this position, I was pulling 515. I am convinced i could hit 540-560 now.

My squat has been climbing. I can setup and focus with three deep breaths, as Jack suggests in his sessions. I've hit 520 in the cambered bar with briefs only, and have done about a 500 manta ray squat. All this has been done in the last few months.

My proudest moment was at Westside two weeks ago. i was out there for the Arnold Classic and got to box squat on thrusday. lou told me i should do about 2 plates and a quarter, since his bar was heavier and harder than a regular safety squat bar.

After that set, lou stripped off the quarter and put on another plate for my speed work. This was 345 on a ssb with a harder camber to hit than the standard ssb.

After the speed sets, lou put on a quarter. He wanted me to try a single, but I did an easy double with a two second pause on the box each time. I put on a 45 and did another double with pauses. The last was a little tough, but I did sit on the box for a 2 second pause. 600 at 198 will be a done deal soon, so I'm looking at 700 instead.

I want to thank Mike for turning me onto Jack, and thank Jack for his great work. The fee is well worth the money. I am motivated and confident in the gym, without distractions. the only complaint i have with Jack is that I don't stop and I pulled my back last week. I was doubled over on monday, but today I did an easy paused double in briefs only. I guess a little overdoing is worth the no fear thing.

Another thing I haven't mentioned. I've been off ADD meds for over 3 months. the hypnotism has also helped with that. It's very easy for me to focus outside the gym.






Things are going well! The last two games of the season were some of the best games I have played in awhile.  I noticed a direct correlation between listening to the tapes and performance, one game I listened more before and had a slightly better performance. So I realize it is important to listen multiple times before a game.  I also generally feel less anxious and have been getting better night sleeps.  My coach mentioned that he has seen more confidence in my play.    A.C. College athlete



As a parent of a college player, I can't tell you how much my daughter's game has improved on the course.  Your unique way of doing sessions is one I never heard of and no other sports hypnotist uses what you do in the sessions. Her game has gone far beyond what we wanted and C. wants to continue.  The suggestions along with the band and red golf ball keeps her in the zone and now she fears no other player. She hopes to continue for a pro career and wants you there.  Thank you for helping her not only with her game but confidence and focus.  John & Carol

To whom it may concern, My 21 year old son, who played football (quarterback), basketball and baseball (pitcher and anywhere  he  was needed) got recruited to play baseball for  a Division I university. He could have played any sport in  college, however, he felt that his  best way to be a  professional ballplayer was by playing  baseball. He had tendonitis in the fall of his freshman  year and was let go from the team. Because  he was highly recruited other schools knew about him so he  was able to transfer to another  Division I school. He had  to sit for a year because  of NCAA regulations. By the way, the college that cut him would not let him  go to any school in their conference. He did not  get along with the pitching coach at his new school and transferred after his  sophomore year to a Division III  school so he  could  play right  away. By this time his confidence was gone. Even though some  major league scouts had shown interest  in him, he  just couldn't handle the  mental strain  of coaches treating him inhumanly. This is where Jack Nicolais  comes in. Jack gave my son the confidence  that had  left him and treated him in the sessions he attended like a human  being and  showed  real interest in his life. He was honest, genuine, caring and positive in his dealings with my son. He did things that he did not want to get paid  for. After three sessions  with Jack, my son's life started to turn  around. We will continue to consult Mr. Nicholais on  a monthly basis. The personal  CD's that were made for my son were very helpful. Whether my son becomes a professional baseball payer or not, dealing with Jack  Nicholais will help my son be a  success in life and in and endeavor that  he chooses to make his career. I would highly recommend Mr. Jack Nicholais  to any individual that needs the self esteem and critical positive mind reinforcement  that is essential  in sports and life.  Sincerely, Richard Del  Vecchio, M.P.A., L.N.H.A.


There are many factors that can influence a ball players ability to play. One is that of negative imprinting. In other words if a game is lost, or the pitcher, batter, or fielder has a bad day it is going to carry over to the next game even a loss after loss can be compounded in their minds as well as how they played, only making issues grow. Stress, not only from playing the game but in their personal lives has a great deal of influence on the performance of the player. All these imprints are locked away in the players subconscious mind where they don't realize it is affecting them. Major sports figures today have turned to professionals like myself to help them overcome their "slumps".  Today, someone like myself who specializes in sports can uncover and reframe their mind to get in the game. Not only that, but can make them hit, pitch (faster), run, and field better then they can imagine.  Look at all the problems in our daily lives. We take these into sports and it always has a negative outcome. Even the injuries, and thoughts of injuries plays on our mind. Now, even these issues can be addressed, and even heal faster through hypnosis. You can get more out of your player through my sports hypnosis then you can get out of your sports therapist, this I can guarantee.  


There is nobody out there today that is doing what I do on a level like this, use your mind, and use my method.

Baseball is a game of mental attitude, visualization and physical agility.  It makes no difference if you play only on weekends with your buddies or are a professional, you are all looking to attain the same results.... a better game and that one championship title.  You can have perfect technique, but the minute you get on that field in front of people, play in a semi or pro game chances are you will choke up, lose your confidence.  It is almost definite that you have hidden negative imprints within your unconscious mind. The press (what you read you may believe), the fans (biggest cause of negative imprinting), your friends, even your team mates can plant these imprints without you even knowing it.

Through my sports hypnosis sessions I can remove these imprints and set your mind on the right track. With the use of  self-hypnosis I will teach you how to concentrate, focus, and visualize like you have never done before.  Along with your FREE CD's you will have the tools to finally feel comfortable on the field and improve your game.  With each session they will increase your skills.   If you are a manager, owner or even a coach, hypnosis can help your players remember what you teach them and keep them on track.








Hi Mr. Nicholais,  10/2017

Just thought I’d share the results of the meet I was talking about at the session. It has been a long goal of mine to break the 16-minute barrier in the 5K for cross country. Today at the meet I ran 15:52, crushing the barrier. Couldn’t have done it without your help.   Many thanks,


C.R. Morris County NJ  After just one session

Perhaps one of the most famous examples of hypnosis assisting a sportsman, is the story of Rod Carew, one of American baseballs finest. Carew had suffered an injury, which while technically had healed, left him nonetheless with some pain (perhaps psychosomatic, but real enough to him), and an elevated sense of self doubt. A hypnotist was consulted, and he was instructed in mastering self hypnosis.

Carew then came back to the best season of his entire career, with a batting score of almost .400, and went on to win 'The most valuable player award'! 


What you get in a session:

  • 200 % Focus

  • 200% Concentration

  • Never get tired

  • Never get fatigued

  • Pain Management

  • Removal of negative imprints

  • Don't think about past injuries

  • Displace your injuries



  • Improve your plays and moves like a professional

  • Improve your strength, hit and move like a runaway freight train

  • Increase your speed and moves like  a Cheetah

  • Increase your memory, recall all of your moves, your body will be on automatic

  • Gladiator/Warrior mode

  • Intense post hypnotic suggestions

  • Learn self hypnosis

  • Use your mind to replay your moves 

  • "See" your next competition and how you are going to destroy them

  • Fear no other team

  • Special price on all sports CD's

  • ...and much more



4/1/2016 - Jack is amazing at what he does. My son would build up his opponents to a level where he would not perform to his fullest ability. He would focus on his opponents record rather than competing to his fullest potential. He'd be mentally defeated before starting to compete. Since starting his sessions with Jack he has been putting forth a maximum effort in his training and competitions. His confidence has grown to such an extent that he feels invincible and his performance in his competitions reflect it. He no longer worries who he is going to compete against or what there record is. He is enjoying participating in his sport and competing more than he had ever done in the past. I highly recommend Jack's services to any athlete or parent of an athlete who would like to achieve the highest level of success in your particular sport. My son is a more confident all around child as a result of the sessions. It shows in his athletics, school work, and personal life. Thanks Jack  JV - Boxing client Union NJ

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