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Do you have a player sitting out of the game due to injuries? 


Then you need to think over the below article and see how I can assist your players and team to conquer it along with improving their games.


The Painful Truth About Hypnosis by Keith Livingston
 Hypnosis 101 Blog

We see and hear more and more information about how complimentary alternative medicine can improve people’s health. Leading this wave of information is hypnosis. Hypnotism can be found in nearly all pain management programs, and leaders in the medical field are constantly discovering more ways in which hypnosis can assist the healing process.

Every day we see and hear more and more details about how complimentary alternative medicine is improving how people can choose to be well. Leading this wave of information is hypnosis. Hypnotists are hired as staff in most hospitals and health clinics around the world, and hypnotism is used in nearly all pain management programs. Leaders in the medical field are constantly discovering more ways in which hypnosis can assist the healing process.

“Hypnosis has been used for hundreds of years” says Certified Hypnotist William Molitor, “and has been obscured by a cloud of mystery. Hollywood has portrayed hypnosis as a dark mind controlling practice, often used by mad scientists to get their way. Writers for ages have used hypnosis in their stories to create an air of magic or mystery”. William goes on to say “In 1958 hypnosis was recognized by the American Medical Association as a legitimate, safe approach to medical and psychological problems. The American Psychiatric Association (APA), and the British Medical Association (BMA), has recognized hypnosis as a viable therapeutic tool”. All this is documented, yet the average person is unaware of hypnosis and its benefits, benefits such as helping burn victims feel significantly less pain during the process of changing their dressings, which is normally an intensively painful procedure. This same thing (hypnosis) has assisted others with chronic pains, migraines, Fybromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and much more.

Chronic pain has been said to be the most costly health problem in America. Estimated annual costs, including direct medical expenses, lost income, lost productivity, compensation payments, and legal charges, are about $90 billion. That is one reason why Hypnotists around the world are continually finding new ways to better deal with pain. Hypnosis is not only a safe and medically legitimate way to help deal with pain, but it is also non-invasive.



Ginandes's first clinical trial of tissue healing took place several years ago, when she tested whether hypnosis could accelerate the healing of broken bones. Reasoning that many fracture victims would be otherwise healthy people, free of treatments or medications for other conditions, she found 12 patients with nondisplaced fractures, screened them to exclude those with pre-existing conditions that might affect bone healing, and divided those who remained into two groups. All the patients received casts and standard orthopedic care, but six also received a series of hypnotherapy sessions, which included suggestions meant to target and accelerate their particular stage of healing, and audiotapes to take home that reinforced the sessions. When the study's radiologist—who did not know which patients had received hypnosis—reviewed the X-rays, the hypnotized patients showed more rapid healing. Six weeks after fracture, the hypnosis group had healed to an extent that would normally take eight and a half weeks.














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