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I can do more for you in 6  sessions then a sports psychologist can do in 6 months!


You can go to any hypnotist that advertises for sports but if you want to actually be the best, have that college scholarship edge, play in professional sports, try for the Olympics or pursue a professional contract then you need someone that specializes in nothing but sports mind therapy.  Others have tried to duplicate what I offer but none can compare. So, if you want a hypnotist that does not know sports and the other issues that affect an athlete then try them out because I know I'll be seeing you after them.

"Another thing I haven't mentioned. I've been off ADD meds for over 3 months. Hypnotism has also helped with that. It's very easy for me to focus outside the gym."


What a world record strongman says about Jack

JULY 2019

I will never forget the day my son, a high school senior facing baseball try outs, told me he had “the yips”. My son, a gifted baseball pitcher who can paint the corners of the strike zone, explained he could not throw a ball he fielded from the mound to a baseman aywhere near accurately.  His anxiety made him unable to execute what he could always do so well in the past.  The balls were going in the dirt or over the heads of the basemen.  It was so bad that he was considering giving up the sport he’d always loved, the sport he had already been chosen to play in college. My son played on an elite high school team and whether or not he would get pitching time depended on how he did during the pitchers’ fielding practices.  The worse he did at practice, the less he played, the worse it got.  Thank God we found Jack Nicholais to “sports brainwash” him and take away the scars he had from his coach’s words and actions.  Jack  quickly helped my son find his confidence and his abilities again and therefore to get the playing time.  He is able to love playing baseball again and to play it like he always had before.  We are so grateful.

Dr. LB Parent from one of the top 5 Catholic HS in the country 

JUNE 11, 2022

Jack, sorry for not being in touch sooner. Things got very hectic with the end of my son's baseball season, prom, my daughter's baseball, and getting ready for the end of the school year. The audio was absolutely phenomenal. My son felt it was great value in it. I definitely would like to schedule some sessions with you and my son. In addition, I had a conversation with a parent of one of my son's teammates, and he is very much interested in getting his son involved. Please give me a call when you have a moment and we can discuss in detail


*** Group sports sessions ANYWHERE in the USA

*** Includes all sports audios for every athlete (6-8 audios)

*** All weekend sessions, Saturday & Sunday

***$100 per athlete includes everything you would get in           an office visit

** *10 athlete minimum (No maximum), Hotel & travel                  extra.  

*** Have as a fundraiser (No maximum) and charge other            schools or athletes

*** ANY Sport, Any high school, club, college                


Just one office visit is $250 an hour, here you get a minimum of 4 hrs. Plus private sessions at a discount if you wish one. Any audio updates during the year are FREE.

Call or email for more details and any special offers.



What a session is like
#1 Sports Hypnotist
​​There is no one better then you

If you are a HS student looking for a college position, a college student looking for a professional contract, or a professional athlete looking to keep your contract, then you came to the right place.


You can have extreme confidence, focus, animal like drive, fear no athlete, no stress, anxiety, forget about injuries, and just destroy your competition, no matter what the sport.

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Being the top sports hypnotist in the country I can do in 6 sessions what it takes a sports psychologist 6 months to do, and do it 100% better.  If you have an issue with confidence, focus, timing, lack of skills, or anything else related to sports, you have come to the top mind therapist out there..


Since 1995, the US Sports Hypnosis Office has led the field in sports mind therapy. With more National, State, Regional, District champions than any other hypnotist in the country.  Athletes in many high school schools and colleges nationwide have used the Mind Therapy approach with sports.  Not only that, but also professional athletes, Olympic athletes, World cup fencers, junior Olympians, and athletes from Europe and Australia have benefited from this unique approach.


​Available Sessions

1. Football

2. Baseball


3. Softball

4. Fencing

5. Gymnastics

6. Wrestling

7. Tennis


8. Power Lifting


9.  Golf


10. Figure skating

and more......

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